Package Design for New Hair Product

June 12, 2017

ENVIE, is a new at-home hair straightening kit that has the impact of a salon straightener. Peter Hill Design worked with Prime Direct Brands on developing the brand by utilizing the trendy, Millennial Pink color and gold as a nod to the high-end beauty industry. The color palette was chosen because of its current appeal, but also to match the hair’s softness after using the product. Black and white photos were used to contrast against the packaging colors and to stand out against hair dye and shampoos that use full color hair images. Hair texture was also used throughout the design to feature the straight locks the product promises.

The project elements included the packaging design of the large box that feature before and after photos, the four small bottle labels and an additional shampoo and conditioner labels. The product will initially be sold direct from TV but eventually will be available in retail locations.