Open Arms Fund-a-Need Video

May 22, 2017

Open Arms of Minnesota recently tasked Peter Hill Design with developing a short video to tug at the heart strings of their supporters. They premiered the video at their charity gala to encourage their fund-a-need donating. Open Arms recently delivered their five millionth meal and wanted to feature this family’s story in the video.

The video was created using simple eye-catching graphics, mixed with real family photos to highlight the family’s story. The music was chosen specifically to draw out the emotion and the voice of Erica was used in the video, as the photos were being show. The video promoted the organization’s newer service, which delivers food to not only the patients, but also the caregivers and dependents of the ill. The fund-a-need raised $79,000 as nearly everyone in the room raised their hands to give to this important cause after the video was shown. A $30,000 match made the total raised $109,000. Erica and her family were there to support the fundraising effort and the fund-a-need was indeed a success.

Watch the video here.