New Website for Mpls Start-Up

September 10, 2014

LATERALUS, a new Minneapolis-based start up was in need of a website to accompany the launch of their brand. Peter Hill Design created and designed the website in order to broadcast the company’s image. The consulting firm had two main tasks to accomplish: Communicate the launch of their brand and set them apart from other consulting firms. The site features a simple design that focuses on how Lateralus can help the client. Detailed information about the services offered are listed underneath bigger headings. The site also features several articles written by the founder of the company, John Wessinger.

"In working with Megan and Peter Hill Design, they made sure that our site had some of the original branding, graphics and content we had used in previous marketing materials and that we were consistent across all of our different marketing platforms. Megan and her team focused on our brand upfront, asked us what we wanted to communicate to potential clients through the site and how we wanted to strategically position ourselves in the market. They also helped us generate compelling content for each section of the site, guided us on what would be most relevant to potential customers and created a flow on each page that allowed visitors to get a sense of what we were offering at first glimpse, but also enough information so that someone could take a deeper dive to find out more if they wanted to. Peter Hill Design made a site that was clean and functional, not only for the clients that may be navigating the pages and articles, but also for our organization as well. They made sure we had a solid site to build upon and one that we could add to and update in the future. Taking the time to educate us on how to make updates, changes and create new content as our business grows. They made sure that this first site really set us apart during launch, but that it would also have real staying power long-term. Peter Hill Design did a great job and we couldn't be happier." – John Wessinger, Founder Lateralus