Serving broad and specialty markets

At the heart of our expertise is an understanding of customer needs. We use this understanding – as well as our design and messaging skills – to attract, engage and motivate customers to action. Our market and client experience is broad. We’ve highlighted key industries below, but also have experience in sectors not mentioned. Chances are excellent that we’ve done work in your market – or have experience that will translate to value in solving your specific challenge.

Professional Services

Selling and marketing a service always presents a unique challenge, but one we are up to conquering. Our insight into businesses driven by personal relationships make us a great fit for any professional services firm. Our specific experience includes law, engineering, consulting, financial advisors, insurance professionals, accountants and software service providers. Recent work includes a new brand, identity system, mobile-friendly website and email marketing platform for a local, Minneapolis law firm and developing an online client portal for a Chicago-based consulting firm.


From charter schools, to prep schools, to liberal arts institutions and everything in between – we help raise awareness, enrollment, student engagement and donor dollars through integrated campaigns. We've produced high-quality creative and increased leads by 200% for a career school in Michigan, and have launched a new website and social media program for a local Minneapolis non-profit training school. In addition, we have experience with private Saint Paul schools, local community colleges, the University of Minnesota, and various liberal arts institutions.

Real Estate

Real-estate is in our blood, literally. We have many examples of successful campaigns for commercial, residential and mixed use real-estate development. Work includes videos for a high-end residential realtor, collateral and case studies for a commercial real estate brokerage, rebranding a large local residential team, advertising for a mixed-use development and a brand launch for a North Loop apartment development. Whether we are talking square-footage or location, we can develop that image necessary to sell.

Retail, Consumer Products & Food

Our work includes consumer and retail products, such as food and snack packaging, furniture and home furnishing lines, restaurant concepts, health supplements, and clothing and accessory lines. Recent work includes award-winning packaging design for multiple As Seen on TV products, redesign of a national snack brand product, a brand launch for a mattress line breaking into the national marketplace, and the rebranding of a historic Italian restaurant in St. Paul. Knowing what consumers are attracted to and how to ensure brands are visible, easy to find, and most importantly, memorable, is second nature to us.



At Peter Hill Design, we understand the importance of non-profits in our community and the mission-driven work they provide. Our experience working in the non-profit sector includes creative ways to provide effective design that will help raise awareness, increase donor giving and gain volunteers on tight creative and production budgets. Our non-profit portfolio includes annual reports, websites, videos, branding, design for print and digital, and more. To hear more about how we’ve helped a variety of local and national non-profits, we’d love to connect with you.

Health Care

By crafting compelling messages and bold design, we help our clients raise awareness about their healthcare products and services, simplify complex health information, and encourage action toward a healthier lifestyle. Work includes both small and large health care service providers, foundations, insurance providers and medical device firms. Recent work includes a supplemental insurance product launch, rebranding of a nonprofit teen clinic and local advertising for a multi-location dental clinic. We want it to be as easy as possible for our clients to share their health care expertise with their patients, partners and consumers.